Dawn at the Shrine.

I’d wanted to do this for many months. Last Saturday I finally dragged myself out of bed before 6.00am and went to the World Was memorial down the road in time for the sunrise. All photos were taken between 6.00 – 7.15am. This is the first photoshoot for more than a year, and I’m amazed and delighted at how well the photos turned out. Waking up at that unearthly hour was totally worth it. There will be more super-early weekends to come.


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Last night’s adventure.

I dreamt an adventure last night. I forgot most of it upon waking; let me try to remember.

As most of my dreams, I was not in it, but was “watching” it like a movie. Several adventurers were on a quest to find leaves of a certain plant/tree that bestowed healing or magical properties. They needed it to save something — a kingdom, or a queen, I don’t remember. It was a “it’s our only hope! you’re our only hope!” scenario. The leaves were found only in the possession of the gorilla king (or some sort of great ape), who lived across a span of water.

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