Currently thinking. My personal difficulties with the narratives of lack and disability prevalent in social/online discourse. But I can’t be judgmental because I have those narratives in my life too. Tension between the now/not-yet paradox of faith — Christ Jesus has come to give us abundant life now, but there are some things that won’t be restored/healed/delivered until Christ comes in glory.

How then to live in this paradox? What is the difference between an acknowledgment of limitations that produces freedom and grace, and a resignation that surrenders spiritual territory to evil principalities and powers? How do the current social discourses on disability feed into either? Where am I speaking and living with a paradigm of lack and inability, and why? What kind of fruit am I producing when I feed that paradigm, and how is the confession of my thoughts and speech shaping my own life? Am I aligning with what Christ says about me?

💡 Things I looked up today. Trawling through Wiktionary’s exhaustive list to make a list of English words of Greek origin — particular words for a specific purpose. It’ll take a while. But it’s very interesting how many words originated in Greek and entered English via Latin, especially prefixes and suffixes. Patterns are emerging now. And learning new words is great fun. There’s a subtle difference between athenaeum and bibliotheca. Blepharon is an anatomical word for the eyelid. (Just goes to show that in anatomy there’s a word for everything.) This is adorable.