Codex, ii.

Functions in the imaginary plane transform into entities on the real plane. Entities are defined by their imaginary functions.

Time is a line from infinity to infinity. The progression of all entities — all that exists — along time is defined as the global continuum. The global continuum can be broken down discreetly into local continuums. (How discreet is dependent on the user.) All entities are subject to time, because their existences are necessarily contained within the planes.

Sentience (self-awareness, consciousness, the soul) is the wildcard of existence, for it alone is not defined by the planes, nor is it restricted by time. Therefore, a user must be a sentient. Therefore, sentience has significant implications for energy and information transfer. While users have immense potential for influencing the global continuum, users also cannot completely account for sentience in activities.

Next: global continuum progression, energy & information gradients, probability, users, time travel & other uses, paradoxes (effect of energy/info transfer on sentience), the People, nodes and portals, psionics. What was my terminology for “activities” by users?

Codex, i.

In a previous life, I took after the Book-Writers of Myst and wrote a theory of the universe. The Homeworld Codex was some 10,000 words long — and that was just the theory and early history of the universe — when it was tragically lost, and for a number of years it only had existence in my imagination.
I’m unable to revive the original Codex. But the pang of loss has finally subsided enough for me to gather up some of the major ideas and set them down here.

All that exists, exists on two levels of reality: the imaginary plane where it is defined mathematically upon the foundations of the elements (the smallest units of information decreed), and the real plane which is reality as we know it. All that exists in the real plane, from a single molecule of water to the greatest galaxy, has a corresponding mathematical definition, or function, within the imaginary plane. Indeed, the entire universe and all therein can be defined in a single mathematical function of awesome complexity.

Functions undergo transformation from the theoretical imaginary plane to the real plane, which is reality as we know it. (An analogy would be the Fourier transform.) Primordial energy is the “force”, the primum mobile that enables this transformation.

The existence of the imaginary plane and primordial energy are generally beyond the cognizance of sentience, but there are particular individuals, called users, that have degrees of awareness. Energy transfer is the most instinctive manipulation, and is limited by the energy gradient within the real plane. Information transfer involves direct energy use within the imaginary plane, and requires cognizance of such.

Next: Time, the global and local continuums, the energy gradient, energy users, effect of energy/info transfer on sentience, the People, nodes and portals, psionics.

Dolls, after a long hiatus.

(This is where I talk about my Asian ball-jointed dolls (ABJDs). There’s lots of jargon involved. Don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s easy to pick up! Den of Angels is the premier community for BJD news and info; I’m aihre there.)

These are the first photos (with Canon PowerShot G9) I’ve taken of my dolls for more than a year. I went on hiatus initially because I was getting frustrated with them, and because I just didn’t have the bandwidth to deal with yet another thing in my life. It’s been a long break, but I finally have enough headspace to devote some of my attention to them. Rediscovering the enjoyment of my dolls is such a delight.

First: the new one. These are my first photos of Falco Justinian.

And Syr, who gets more photogenic every time I look at her.

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